Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art making as a means of expression and communication. Art making or images are not used to diagnose a problem but can help address emotional issues which may be causing distress and confusion.

Art therapists work with children, young people, adults and the elderly. Clients may have a wide range of difficulties, disabilities or diagnoses. These include emotional, behavioural or mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities, life-limiting or neurological conditions and physical illnesses.

Art therapy is not an art lesson, or about how artistic or skilled someone is. The art materials can help people to relax and express thoughts and feelings. The process of making images can be cathartic. Sometimes new and useful things can be learnt via the art work. The art therapist can help the client understand more about themselves, such as their unconscious patterns of relating to his/herself and other people. With increased self-awareness, clients can be encouraged and empowered to make positive changes and find new ways of coping, should they so wish. The experience can be enjoyable, enriching and satisfying!